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Leadership & Training

Leadership & Training Experience
Sr. Interactive Producer, GSD&M Idea City
Founder, Stream Studio
US Air Force ROTC
Civil Air Patrol
Entrepreneur Mentor
New Hire Training

I educate my clients on business planning and media trends to enable them to make smarter decisions for their business. I regularly teach my own web services curriculum to trade associations, business networks and entrepreneurial development programs in Austin like Business Investment Growth, American Youthworks, and PeopleFund.

Manage systems. Lead people.

My leadership training began as a young Air Force JROTC cadet at Arlington High School. I quickly advance in rank to become qualified for Leadership Training at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, home of the United States Air Force “boot camp.” The following year, I trained several Color Guard squads to present our colors at district-wide events. By my senior year, our retired Air Force instructors tapped me to become the Squadron Commander and to attend Advanced Leadership School at Barksdale AFB, Boussier City, LA where my flight elected me as commander. We took first place overall at the final drill ceremony and I received the Drillmaster Award for graduating in the #1 slot in my class of over 150 cadets. After graduating from High School, I became the first cadet in the history of our squadron to be promoted to the rank of Cadet Colonel. I was also the first to be invited back to Barksdale as a Training and Command (TAC) Officer where I led a new flight of cadets to another first place finish.

I also served as a volunteer in Civil Air Patrol, an auxilary of the U.S. Air Force tasked with first response and security of downed civilian aircraft. I received considerable field training in first aid and radio communications. Our written manuals were great for theory and training, but handling a crisis in the field required focused leadership to save lives.

I’ve risen to positions of leadership with virtually every organization I’ve been involved with. Leading my own company through its turmoils and successes has been an entirely new experience. This is the first time I’ve felt the responsibility for providing for my family and the families of my employees. Despite the struggles, it is rewarding to help my employees provide health coverage to their families, buy their first home or a new car, or take a vacation all while serving our clients, vendor partners and community.

Training Experience

I developed my knack for training individuals and groups through leadership opportunities I encountered in Air Force JROTC and in college as a member of the elite Sam Houston Rifles, a self-sufficient military precision drill team. The team earned revenue by hosting a leadership and drill camp every summer for hundreds of high school JROTC cadets from seven states. During these camps and public precision drill performances I learned the art of reading and drafting After Action Reports. This valuable information logged lessons for future team members and helped me become a better instructor.

I volunteered as a peer educator through the University Health Center and taught large undergrad classes about sensitive issues like acquaintence rape, substance abuse, eating disorders and sexually transmitted diseases. Training in a military environment is relatively easy as the chain of command and respect for authority is evident. Leading uncommon discussions in an open forum taught me the art of speaking in public and the importance of preparation.

After college, I joined Power Computing during its early stages and quickly found a role as a Customer Service – Finance liaison. Both departments had little understanding of how the other operated, so I drafted a Standard Operating Proceedure template and authored hundreds of how-to articles. I then trained these business systems and protocols to all Customer Service new-hires.

Leadership in Integrated Advertising Campaigns

I have performed client-facing account management support in areas of new business development, pitch support, interactive strategy and finance. I managed teams of up to 40 individuals on various campaigns within a matrix organization. This included people from multiple departments and multiple vendors simultaneously.

My leadership background in military officer training and at the McCombs School of Business Executive CMBA program prompted me to found and lead my own interactive business for 10+ years.

I’ve led online community management for several campaigns across many platforms, at every stage of community development, from growth to engagement to measurement. When brands listen, they can be more responsive. I use a bevy of tools for web analytics and online brand stewardship.

I’ve led one the largest social networks on Ning.com. I helped expand a niche online network of black professionals in Austin by 500%. And I helped start and expand a popular podcasting network that delivers 100,000’s of original programming downloads every month.

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About Me

I am an executive-level interactive producer specializing in social media, online community management and buzz marketing for national accounts. I provide agency support & client service across multiple industries. I love integrated campaign strategy, working with creative teams, kicking-off projects and driving them through launch.

I am currently working at Charles Schwab in Austin, Texas.

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