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Project Management

My approach to project management is grounded in classic SDLC and Waterfall, however, Agile and Scrum tactics lend themselves to the fast pace of interactive advertising. Read my 4 Step Approach to project management.

I manage all areas of the software development life cycle (SDLC) with a blend of traditional and agile methods appropriate to the client, the team and the environment. I have an artful “it depends” approach to decision making that requires nuance and finesse and can only be honed by experience.

Through management and staff interviews, I gather expressed requirements and translate them into business, technical and functional specs that serve as project blueprints and roadmaps. I build useful Work Breakdown Structures for varied audiences that are both backward and forward looking. This level of reporting brings comfort to owners, stakeholders and functional leaders.

My experience comes from enterprise environments at Dell, Power Computing, Technicolor, Northrop Grumman and Southwest Airlines, plus dozens of small business, nonprofit, government and education projects. My methodology can be applied to all types of IT and product development projects from stand-alone apps to legacy app upgrades, systems integration and new market advances.

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About Me

I am an executive-level interactive producer specializing in social media, online community management and buzz marketing for national accounts. I provide agency support & client service across multiple industries. I love integrated campaign strategy, working with creative teams, kicking-off projects and driving them through launch.

I am currently working at Charles Schwab in Austin, Texas.

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Left Brain
SEO, media strategy, web analytics, web application architecture, server architecture, e-commerce platforms, data modeling
  Right Brain
SEM, creative strategy, social media, community management, WOM / buzz marketing, online memes, online brand stewardship

Contact Shannon

Shannon Swenson
Austin, Texas
512-472-3090 x1

hello [at] shannonswenson [dot] com