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Here are a few of my interests outside the world of interactive advertising.


I collect coins for fun and profit. Coins are a natural blend of fine art, culture, history and technology. Building a collection is relaxing and a great way to learn about America’s past. I enjoy being the curator for pieces that will certainly be admired by future generations. Coin collecting offers social commeraderie and generous mentoring among enthusiasts, many of whom are classes of professionals I respect – investors, business leaders, doctors and servicemen. I’m also drawn by my desire to complete a difficult task.

My current activity concentrates on silver, gold and platinum bullion ingots and coins including American Eagles, Chinese Pandas, Canadian Maple Leafs and the enormous 1 kilo Australian Kookaburras. I’m also interested in unique mint errors, cool tokens and casino chips, hobo nickels, early and modern American commemoratives and unusual coins from Sri Lanka and Israel. Strangely, I also can’t seem to pass up a nice wooden nickel or a smashed penny machine.

How do I determine which coins to buy? My collecton is composed of coins that bring me pride of ownership. Numismatics is a personal pursuit – if your collection is appealing to you, chances are it will appeal to others. As an investor, I keep current on dealer and auction prices, niche trends and I speculate on futures markets.

I recognize I’m actually a temporary owner of pieces of history. I offer my gratitude to the prior conservators of the coins in my collection for preserving their condition. Accordingly, I’ll remain conscientious to future owners to preserve them during the relatively brief time they’re in my possession.


My GeoCaching StatsMy GeoCaching Stats GoeCaching is an outdoor adventure sport that uses GPS coordinates to locate hidden caches across the globe. In January 2006, I bought a ForeTrex 101 wrist GPS unit to help me find hidden caches around my city. It’s a great game that provides exercise and introduces me to out-of-the way places.

In addition, I’ve been tracking National Geodetic Survey “benchmarks” or control points located in Austin. Geodetic control points are permanently affixed objects at various locations all over the United States to enable land surveying, civil engineering and mapping to be done efficiently. Learn more at GeoCaching.com.


During and after college, I’ve enrolled in writing and art classes to help me form a creative voice. The fellowship of a writer’s group fosters motivation, accountability, discipline and critical thinking about my work. I’m exposed to a large body of work from diverse writers who have inspired me twice to publish my poetry and short stories.

I attended a screenwriting class that taught the structure of film, a medium I’ve grown to respect because it melds art and science to tell a story that speaks to the common interests in all of us. I recognize the dimensions of a great story and I’m tuned in to subtle nuances with people and situations. I regularly jot these mental notes into a journal which provides ample fuel for my stories.

Thanks to my experiences in this class, I wrote my first feature-length script, The Levelers. This is a buddy comedy about a group of valets who associate the wealth of the people they serve as their own. The script is available for option.

Chick Tracts

Chick TractsRemember these little religious comic books laying around public places? They’re discretely left near pay phones, bathrooms, bus stops, garbage containers, fountains, everywhere. I enjoyed reading them as a little kid, although most tracts literally scared the hell out of me with promises of eternal damnation for us sinners. Today, as a Roman Catholic, I recognize how patently misinformed the authors are about Catholicism and I struggle to reconcile the polarizing arguments with Jesus’ example. Nonetheless, I’m drawn to some of the spiritual messages, illustrations and compact package.

Jack T. Chick, the publisher, runs his business from a small business park on Archibald Avenue in Ontario, California. I passed his building daily when I lived up the mountain in Alta Loma / Rancho Cucamonga. I collect the tracts and receive regular updates from Jack.

Fresh Air

My wife, April, and I thoroughly enjoy outdoor activities. Central Texas has no shortage of camping, greenbelts, swimming holes, rock climbing, hiking, biking and concerts. When we lived in Los Angeles, we’d take short trips to the beach and mountains. She skis and I ride a Burton snowboard, but we manage to get along. I’m especially fond of our stairway walks in historic neighborhoods admiring the simple and bold architecture that is uniquely Californian.

We also love to travel. We’ve visited Mexico, Canada and most of the states traveling across America. Our honeymoon in Tahiti and Bora Bora proved to be a perfect mix of exotic relaxation and adventure. We spent most of April 2006 twittering from the provinces north of Manila in the Philippines with our kids. I have also visited Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro Brazil.

About Me

I am an executive-level interactive producer specializing in social media, online community management and buzz marketing for national accounts. I provide agency support & client service across multiple industries. I love integrated campaign strategy, working with creative teams, kicking-off projects and driving them through launch.

I am currently working at Charles Schwab in Austin, Texas.

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